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A trusted FMCG company to procure pure and tasty Spring Roll Masala, Finger Chips Peri Peri, Choco Flakes Chikki, Dry Fruit Chikki, etc...

About Us
We, JDAC Sales Private Limited, are a firm believer of the quote that says, "The only limit of our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today." - Franklin D. Roosevelt. Trust in this line has benefited us so far, as we have started to come across in public as a responsible manufacturer that believes in the notion of not letting doubts and fears overcome our strong business passion. We never let dubious thoughts, supported with negativity bring any kind of decrease in our level of hard work. Keeping far from doubts, we give our best to each and every business activity in order to emerge as a reliable FMCG company of India.

Confidence that we serve the best in terms of tasty and lip-smacking foods has come with practice of quality production. Each day we toil hard to bring forth what we promise to clients, i.e., quality foods. Nationwide, we serve Cheese Balls, Mix Fruit Bar, Wine Chocolate Bottle, Coconut Chikki and much more. All these are tested with high perfection by a team of stern quality analysts. Our business entity completes orders on time due to modern food processing techniques, which are used in manufacturing process.

In supermarkets, food bazaars and grocery stores, our range is served. From all these places, we get repeated orders because end-consumers like taste and quality of our offered FMCG products. Our Margao based company as a reliable third party manufacturing company, undertakes orders in bulk from several food trading and retailing companies. These orders are completed within promised time-frame.

Quality Packaging
No customer prefers purchasing a product, that is unguarded. Food Products, which aren't packed with assurance of quality witness zero attention in the market. Understanding this well, our company engages itself in quality packaging. Strong and informative packaging materials are utilized by us to enhance market value of offerings. Below mentioned are certain benefits, which our company has enjoyed by well-packaging Crush Chikki, Imli Bar, etc.
  • Our market popularity has increased. Product's sales has experienced huge growth.
  • Existing clients impressed with quality packaging that tells all the information regarding products recommend our name to others.
  • Brand image has improved in several market structures.

Team of Experts

We are happy to boast about a team that works for us with passion, determination and strong commitment. Our team comprises strong minded individuals who hold the ability of transforming prospective clients into potential buyers. Team well-handles internal and external business affairs. Our responsible team looks after smooth handling of nearly all business operations.